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"Gum Ball Rally meets Road Runner on roller skates in this wacky downhill skating game!"

Roller Rally (Snake Pass)

Be the legend of Snake Pass! Also known as 'devil's edge', the trail remains one of the most feared and deadly in the world. Each year the world's best roller skaters meet to defy death, attempt the trail and win the coveted trophies.

Split into 15 checkpoints, the trail starts at the top of the snow and ice peaked mountains and descends rapidly to the sea, testing the wits of even the bravest of skaters. Go as fast as you can, jump canyons, use your skills to gain an advantage and beat your opponents to the checkpoint. Easy? Select your character and see if you make it to the end.

Meet the Contestants


Iko Disko

Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan
Profile: Iko feels most at home when on the dance floor, where she is well known on the Tokyo club scene. Famous for leaping across sky scrapers and carriage ways on her skates, she is regarded as the best skater in Asia.

Olof Blackaxe

Place of birth: Hamburg, Germany
Profile: Olof is a huge fan of 80's heavy metal music. Famous in Hamburg for his aggressive skating style, Olof is the current European skate-off champion. Don't let his fearsome appearance fool you, Olof is a big softy at heart.


Arnie Barnacle

Place of birth: Brooklyn, New York
Profile: Working previously as a fisherman, this massive hip hop fan has been known to leap giant shopping crates in one bounce. Arnie was the stand out performer at the recent US Roller Finals and is fast, skillful, with plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

Gert Hammerback

Place of birth: Calgary, Canada
Profile: Gert is a renowned cowboy skater in his home country. With a fondness for trail blazing in the Canadian Rockies while getting chased by grizzlies, and a blackbelt in pitchforking, this country music fan is one tough cookie.



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